Criminal Law

Criminal law and effective representation go hand in hand. While many types of legal matters may take years to complete, criminal law cases require effective representation from the very first minute. Our clients trust our representation because we focus our efforts and knowledge on effectively attacking the legal matter facing them.

Taege Law Offices understands the stakes at play in criminal law matters. Effective representation starts from the very first minute and there is never time to waste. The sooner our attorneys can intervene, the more effective we can be.

Taege Law Offices handles all criminal law matters, from ordinary traffic tickets and misdemeanors to possession charges and felonies. Don’t take a chance by delaying your defense, contact our firm at your first opportunity and schedule a no-cost consultation. Doing so will allow us to properly advise you of your rights and your options, and create a plan of attack to allow you to reach a practical, complete resolution of your legal matter.